Thursday, December 31, 2009

Two Best Blogger Events for 2009

I would just have to rave about what I consider were the 2 best blogger events for 2009.

First is the 5-Day Nescafe Soundschool Concerts and workshops in Boracay.

Those who know me personally knows that I also maintain a separate travel blog and food blog. This Boracay event just covered it all. The pop culture event and concerts were for Digital Manila while the Boracay travel experience was for Let's Go Sago! We dined in different hubs around the island which just loaded NomNom Club food blog with a long list of blogs-to-write. If my laptop was just not stolen 3 weeks ago, i would still have hundreds of my photos. Sadly, I lost 90% of it and only retained the last day because it was left in my SD card. :(
The other one is my best international blog event (aside from the fact that it is the only one). :) It's Nuffnang's First Asia-Pacific Blog Awards held in Singapore. The three-day event composed of the awards night, a Singapore City blogger's day tour and a free day. It was my first international blog event together with the Philippine contingent interacting with bloggers of other nations including Malaysia, Australia, and of course, Singapore.
Those two were the best local and international blogger events for me in 2009. Thanks to Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, Manila and Nuffnang Phillipines.

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