Saturday, April 23, 2011

HP Showcase Solutions At Elevate 2011

With presence in 174 countries in the world, Hewlett Packard (HP) strengthens its presence in the Philippines further with the recent HP Elevate 2011 Solutions Showcase.

HP unveiled its business computing portfolio through a line up of commercial products focusing on key industries such as education, travel agencies, bank, health, and retail industry.

*Photo Inset (right): Waterproof Keyboard

The showcase also exhibited HP's expansion of delivering value to a wider range of customers. If HP was limited to corporate business users in the previous years, they now also serve other industries catering to small and medium enterprises.  These include HP‘s business notebooks, business PCs, thin clients, and displays, among others.
HP Elevate 2011
"As the number one PC supplier in the world(1), HP offers solutions and products to meet the requirements of customers in nearly every industry," said Albert Mateo, Country General Manager, Personal Systems Group, HP Philippines.
Real World Applications

The country‘s leading television network, ABS-CBN Corporation uses high-performing computing technology from HP in meeting the highly demanding requirements of their technical production department.
"With the very demanding workflow of our technical production department, we require ultra reliable IT solutions that can get the job done. Throughout the years, we have been using HP Z-Series Workstations across all our divisions, and we have been depending on these technologies to perform our mission-critical tasks," says Edwin Mendoza, Head for Technical Production and Facilities Management of ABS-CBN.
In particular, the HP Z-series workstations like the HP Z800 and the HP Z400 workstations allow ABS-CBN‘s I-POST department to perform. Visual effects and animation-intensive shows like Kokey and other top-rated programs have been created and produced using HP Z-series workstations.
Laptop / Notebook Charger Rack (Mrm Jerry Liao onlooking from the left)

Small and Medium Businesses

For the small and medium business (SMB) notebook line-up, the HP ProBook notebook PCs balance business functionality with style and affordability such as the HP ProBook 4230s and HP EliteBook notebooks, and the HP Compaq 8200 Elite.

HP‘s broad range of products also covers digital media and medical imaging .

Power Performance
HP‘s Digital Learning Suite and education solutions help schools prepare students. The HP MultiSeat t150 Thin Client enables up to ten users in sharing the power of one PC, decreasing the number of physical PCs needed in an environment. La Purisima Concepcion Academy in Malabon City is an example school which employs the HP Multiseat Computing Solution.

On the other hand, HP Pocket Whiteboard takes the functionality of a standard digital whiteboard and projects it onto almost any flat surface to create up to ten feet of diagonal workspace.
HP Pocket Whiteboard
Presenter Table

HP also provides new technology designed to help retailers meet the needs of shoppers in multichannel retailing environments. Exhibited is the HP Imaging Barcode Scanner. It is a functional retail device featuring 1-D and 2-D omni-directional barcode scanning, mobile device scanning and the ability to capture images.
for the Travel Agencies
Retail Solutions
Waterproof Wireless Mouse
Banking Systems
Educational Systems
HP Slate (HP tablet); same as top photo
HP Slate with Stand
HP Slate Side View
HP Slate Side View
With all these technologies from HP are ready to support the different sectors, HP poses itself to grow their existing business further by gaining new markets from the small and medium enterprises. At the heart of this development, HP Elevate focuses on "transforming businesses with simplified IT solutions that are visibly smart."

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