Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dual Core is Dual Fun: Guess My Mystery Smartphone Round 1

It is said that two brains are better than one. More so in mobile phones when we talk about performance. Just like My Mystery Smartphone which has a dual-core application processor!

*Mystery Smartphone Main display on left photo: Have all of your favorite apps on the main page for easy access. Can you guess what mobile phone this is?

Dual-Core is Dual Fun

Have you experienced lagging applications on your mobile phone where you have to wait for the response? Say goodbye to that irritating lag with seamless switching between multiple applications powered by a 1 GHz Dual Core Application Processor.

The multi-tasking experience is just like working on a PC including a fast power-up and power-down system. Thank goodness for My Mystery Smartphone's dual-core application processor.

Data Speed with HSPA+ 21

What's the use of a powerful engine if it can't deliver effeciently? I say speed and power should go hand in hand for a total mobile phone experience - just like my mystery smartphone. :P

Its innovative BlueTooth® 3.0+HS considerably increased data transfer rates. Moreover, its advanced wireless network connectivity with HSPA+ 21 provides fast web browsing and mobile download speeds way beyond the competitor's HSDPA. With a capacity of 21Mbps in an ideal network capacity, it's so fast you can download a 1GB movie in less than 10 mins. Awesome with a capital A.

Photo of back surface of phone: The textured back casing of this mobile device makes it look even more classy! Can you guess what mobilephone this is? (Smartphone brand intentionally removed)
The Battery

And they say smartphones can really eat up your battery life such that you'd have to charge it everyday. With all that jazz on speed and power, this is something to be expected. Missed charging it in the evening or in the morning before you leave home and it's virtually useless the rest of the day. But, you guessed it right - not so with my mystery smartphone. :P I get more talk and standby time with a new and more powerful 1650mAh battery. That's the same battery power I use in my huge digital camera, no kidding :P
"My Cortex A9 Dual Core processor enhances the quality and smoothness of video capture and playback, with Full HD 1080p video at 30fps." says My Mystery Smartphone.
How To Join:

1. Guess My Mystery Smartphone by posting this article's link in YOUR Facebook wall ‘link’ section: “http://digitalmanila.blogspot.com/2011/06/guess-my-mystery-smartphone-round-1.html"
2. Add a message answering which upcoming smartphone brand and model you think it is.
3. Don’t forget to tag @DigitalManila (tag by writing “@” first).
4. Put the URL of your FB post at the comment section below so I can monitor it. (How to Get Links / URL of Facebook Posts)
5. An individual can only have one entry from June 7 to 10.


All entries with the correct mystery smartphone answer from June 7 to 10, 2011 qualify for an electronic raffle using Random.org. 3 winners will be announced on June 11 (without revealing the smartphone yet) in the comment section below and in our Facebook page as well.


The 3 winners will each win a stylish, fashionable, and functional 2GB baller band USB. Winners can claim their prizes from Unit 1405 14th flr, Security Bank Centre, Ayala Avenue, Makati. Please look for Cris or Marisol as I will forward the list of winners to them.
Three 2GB baller band USB Prizes!
But Wait, There's More!

I will be doing this mystery phone contest in 3 rounds until June 19. (wait for future posts on Round 2 and Round 3). All qualified and correctly answered entries (winning and non-winning) within those three rounds can win a brand new smartphone on a Grand Raffle on June 21, 2011 when My Mystery Smartphone will be revealed!

I'd be honest flat - it's not this awesome mystery smartphone. But it's a good one as well. Hey, its a Smartphone...and with Wi-Fi too! :)

Final Notes

1. An individual can only have one entry per round.
2. The 3 winners in Round 1 cannot win again in Rounds 2 & 3 and so forth.
3. Those who had qualifid entries in rounds 1 upto 3 (winning or non-winning) will be considered as ONE entry for the Grand Raffle for the Smartphone prize on June 21, 2011.

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