Friday, June 17, 2011

Round 3: My Mystery Smartphone has Voice Talk

This is the third and final round! If you missed answering the Guess My Mystery Smartphone Round 1 and Round 2, this is your last chance to win a WiFi Smartphone!

The final clue for our Mystery Smartphone is its Voice Talk feature.

The enhanced voice technology enables users to "do more with less. From opening the app to controlling the messaging, social media, email and calling, ...[it] recognizes voice and convert it to text and vice versa. Customized Voice Translation application makes ...[it] the perfect travel companion, translating voice or text into - and from - a range of languages: simply speak a word or phrase into the handset and it will instantly translate it, with audio and text output."
Voice Talk Icon

Moreover, I have observed that almost everyone got the right answer in Round 2. So to make it a little more challenging, add an additional answer as to what gadget is being used by Jaymie Pizzaro in a video that can be found here =>

How To Join:

1. Guess My Mystery Smartphone by posting this article's link in YOUR Facebook walllink
section: “"
2. Add a message answering which upcoming smartphone brand and model you think it is. Answer the second question as well on what gadget is being used by Jaymie Pizzaro in this video ( )
3. Don’t forget to tag @DigitalManila (tag by writing “@” first).
4. Put the URL of your FB post at the comment section below so I can monitor it. (How to Get Links / URL of Facebook Posts)
5. An individual can only have one entry from June 17 to 8pm of June20.
Example answer: @DigitalManila, The Mystery Smartphone is MotoSung and Jaymie uses MyMobile!

Call, Message, Music, Memo, Navigation, & Driving Mode with Voice Talk


All entries with the correct mystery smartphone answer from  June 17 to 8pm of June20, 2011 qualify for an electronic raffle using 3 winners will be announced on 11pm of June 20 (without revealing the smartphone yet) in the comment section below and in our Facebook page as well.


The 3 winners will each win a stylish, fashionable, and functional 2GB baller band USB. Winners can claim their prizes from Unit 1405 14th flr, Security Bank Centre, Ayala Avenue, Makati. Please look for Cris or Marisol as I will forward the list of winners to them.

Three 2GB baller band USB Prizes!
But Wait, There's More!

With Round 1 concluded, and round 2 just concluded . All qualified and correctly answered entries (winning and non-winning) within these three rounds can win a brand new smartphone on a Grand Raffle on June 21, 2011 when My Mystery Smartphone will be revealed!

It's not this awesome mystery smartphone though. But it's a good one as well. Hey, its a Smartphone...and with Wi-Fi too! :)

Final Notes

1. An individual can only have one entry per round.
2. The 3 winners in Round 1,2 cannot win again in Round 3.
3. Those who had qualified entries in rounds 1 upto 3 (winning or non-winning) will be considered as ONE entry for the Grand Raffle for the Smartphone prize on June 21, 2011.

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Join the Guess My Mystery Smartphone Part 3 now! Round 3, fight! :)

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