Monday, June 20, 2011

Round 3 Winners of the Guess My Mystery Smartphone

The final round gathered at least 214 likes and 130 entries. Thank you for participating in the  Guess My Mystery Smartphone Round 3 Contest from June 17 to 20, 2011. 

After filtering the duplicate entries from 130, we had 98 valid entries left. We also disqualified a number of entries with the wrong URL links in the FB wall or in the comment section of the article.
Listing the 98 non-duplicate entries
The first three in the Random Results List
And without further adieu, the three winners of the 2GB USB flash drive baller bands through the electronic raffle in are:
  • Maggy Diaz Oro with an entry on June 20
  • Aey Ferraris with an entry on June 20
  • John Dwight D'Angelo with an entry on June 17
Winners can claim their prizes at Unit 1405 14th flr, Security Bank Centre, Ayala Avenue, Makati anytime during office hours Monday-Friday. Please look for Cris or Marisol as I will forward your names to them. Please bring IDs for verification.

ALL qualified and correctly answered entries (winning and non-winning) in Round 1 & Round 2,
and Round 3 can win a brand new smartphone with WiFi (not this mystery phone) on a Grand Raffle on June 21, 2011 when My Mystery Smartphone will be revealed!

Congratulations to the three winners for Round 3 of the Guess My Mystery Smartphone contest! Watch out tomorrow - June 21 - for the Grand Draw of the Wifi Smartfone!

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