Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pacquiao Hatton Live Stream Links

I was immediately excited upon learning that PLDT will provide MyDSL subscribers a live streaming service for the Pacquiao vs Hatton fight which would enable us to view live video streams on my computer at home here.

However, while I was trying to register, I came across the phrase "...I agree to be charged the amount of PhP 300 on my PLDT account." And I was immediately brought back to my senses on why I assumed that the PLDT Pacquiao Hatton battle live stream service was for free in the first place.

So anyway, I guess I'm back to my reliable live stream services where I could also watch the Pacquiao Hatton match in real time without the Php300 charge.

Choose from any of the Pacquiao Hatton fight live stream links above. It's always good to have back-ups in case one or the other gets clogged.

If you can't wait enough, here's the Pacquiao Hatton 24/7 Trailer:

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