Sunday, May 24, 2009

Red Mobile now accessible in both 2G & 3G

The first time I heard of Red Mobile last year when it was launched, I detested the idea of having yet another mobile service provider added to our long list of wireless telco service companies. But then again, I guess more players mean better services, tighter competition and lower rates.

Now Available in 2G

And I was not mistaken. Just recently, Red Mobile expanded their 3G network coverage to include 2G as well. This means that even mobile phone users with 2G capable phones are now covered by the network. Moreover, this is equivalent to reaching 14 to 16 million more Filipino mobile phone subscribers nationwide since it is now available in 2G.

Competitive Rates

In terms of budget, Red Mobile offers the cheapest/lowest call rates with their Call Anywhere in the Philippines at only P0.50. Red to Red voice and video calls is only charged half a peso per minute while a single SMS and MMS costs likewise.

Value and Power

With almost 9000 cellsites nationwide, it gives good signal communication quality as powered by the same technology and telecommunication infrastructure of the leading telco network. So now, I guess it's time to test this Red Mobile sim on my old 2G phone. :)

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