Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol Winner to be Known!

After three months of performances and eliminations in American Idol season 8, the contenders are now down to the final two: Adam Lambert and Kris Allen.

I have to say that the first time I heard Adam Lambert sing "Mad World" way early in the competition, I already concluded that the "American Idol" for this season was found. The competition went on and Adam's performance proved me right as weeks went by.

However, in the middle of the engagement, Kris Allen's talent began to take notice and continued to improve gaining enormous admiration and praises as well. Indeed, Kris eventually became the 'dark horse' in the race with the ability to actually get the title of the "American Idol." To say honestly, I won't be disappointed even if Kris eventually wins.

In the recent final showdown of the glam rocker and the acoustic rocker, Adam sang again "Mad World" by Tears for Fears while Kris' was "Ain't No Sunshine" from a choice of their previous performances. Simon Cowell gave the first round to Kris Allen.

Adam & Kris - 1st Set

Nonetheless, round two definitely went to Adam Lambert "a million percent," exclaimed Simon Cowell. "With every fiber of my being, you will be iconic," added Paula Abdul.

Kris Allen - 2nd Set

Adam Lambert - 2nd Set

The third set was capped by each of their own songs. Season 4 American Idol winner Carrie Underwood closed the show with the farewell song "Home Sweet Home."

Adam - 3rd Set

Kris - 3rd Set

In the Philippines, the American idol season 8 finale came in time as the two previous season's American idol winner David Cook and runner up David Archuleta just had their concert here in the Philippines. The concert was a success with about 40,000 audience. David Archuleta even gave a thank you note for the Filipinos via a short personal video. David Archuleta has been active with his tweets as well. Check it out here.

Tomorrow, 8am (+8GST), my thanks goes out to Greenwhich who will be hosting an American Idol Viewing at Greenbelt 3 Cinema 3. Adam believers are encouraged to wear black while Kris' fans - white. We'll watch it live and witness who the grand American Idol winner will be.

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I'm ending this American Idol write up with Cowell's words for Adam Lambert saying:
" . . . a world-wide star; I believe we have found it." By the way. I'm wearing black tomorrow.

Update: Kris Allen Wins American Idol Season 8

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