Tuesday, May 19, 2009

AyosDito.ph, Philippines' Newest Online Marketplace

About two weeks ago, I first saw the AyosDito.ph booth as one of iBlog 5's sponsors. The domain name was catchy enough to elicit an inquiry. It turns out to be a new comer in the Philippines' online marketplace.

Ayos Dito” is a local term meaning "It's good here." The portal is a Filipino web site for buying and selling products and services online. I've used a couple of online classified ads site through the years selling some goods over the web so this was nothing new to me. I assumed it offered the usual free posting of ads and the likes.

Trying it out, however, revealed that AyosDito.ph is somehow different from its other counterparts. I immediately noticed its clean and simple interface. Being clutter-free, new users would find it easy to navigate through the whole site with its straight forward header links. Surprisingly, no registration is even required for buyers. The list of items is readily available after selecting a location link.
Having mentioned the location link brings me to its next interesting feature. It initially classifies its products by region from the home page; something different from other buy and sell portals here in the Philippines. Perhaps by primarily filtering the items by location, they emphasize the concept of "Dito", meaning "Here," in its name.

What better way to further evaluate this site but by actually using it. I became a 'seller' by posting a 2nd hand product for sale by inserting an ad of my laptop. As expected, the simple interface provided ease of use and fast loading time for the web pages.

But towards the end, I noticed that the image upload was limited to 1 primary image and 2 extra images. As a serious seller posting an ad, I wanted to show my laptop to potential buyers online in as many dimensions and angles as I can. I do hope that they would at least increase the number of images allowed for upload in the near future.
As closing reminders, online buyers should always shop safely by making sure to meet up with the sellers at a shop or a public place to avoid unwanted incidents. Be sure to check the authenticity of the item as well. One should also be discerning enough when an offer sounds too good to be true or when asked for your bank account or credit card numbers.

I'll continue to post more ads in the site for the next few days and let us see how "Ayos" (Good) it would be to experience AyosDito.ph.

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