Wednesday, September 23, 2009

AOC Launches the Green Monitor AOC 36 Series

The first monitor I bought with my own money back in college was an AOC monitor. I hand-picked the brand to be part of a PC package. I have handed it down to a relative and until now, it's still working fine!

Ten years later, Admiral Overseas Corporation (AOC) once again launches a special LCD monitor series that endorses green technology through power-saving features - the AOC 36 series.
Biggest screen AOC 2436VW can save the owner up to 50% of the energy used - hence they also call it the Green Monitor. It is a wall mountable 24" LCD Widescreen HD Monitor. It has both analog D-sub and DVI-D inputs. It claims to have a super-fast response time as well.

• 23.6” Widescreen
• 1920 x 1080 maximum resolution
• Response Time: 5ms (GTG)
• High Brightness 300cd/m²
• Dynamic Contrast Ratio 60000:1
• Analogue and Digital inputs
• Shell Texture

Ula Landrillo, Product Manager of Glee Electronics

"When switched to Power Saving mode, the monitor only uses 50% of the power, this without affecting image quality and saving up to 104,000W per year. Up to 75% of the energy used in a typical LCD monitor can be saved while using the 936Sw compared to CRT monitors. Meanwhile, AOC’s market leading i-Bright technology reduces backlight CCFL for lower power consumption and less mercury substance"
It also has a USB port (sounds like Mac) and touch keys on the right hand side of the panel(not as touch screen though). I am excited to try a product test of my first monitor love. :)
Other models of the AOC Green monitor 36 series are 936Sw and 2236Vw, at 19" and 22" screen sizes, respectively.

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