Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Globe, A Tatoo, The Youniverse, and A Dare

Not too long ago, Globe Tatoo is equivalent to Globe Broadband branded as 'hip.' Now, Globe Telecoms rebranded it to cover a myriad of services central to the new Globe Tattoo sim.

In a recent bloggers' launch at M Cafe and Handle Bar in Makati, Globe introduced the Globe Tattoo Sims, Youniverse, ImmortalTXT, and Surf All Day services.

Globe Tattoo Sims

It brought the modern, hip, and rebellious designs of the Globe Tatoo broadband to the Globe Tatoo sim cards. It also promised the fusion of 1 SIM for the mobile phone and internet, aside from fututre new services, and access pass to exclusive discounts and invites. All this at P40. Check details here.


The new ImmortalTxt boasts of the 'no expiry' text.

Finally, the major telecoms heeded the 'no expiry' cry of the public. For P10, both postpaid and prepaid sunscribers could have 50 texts to Globe/TM and 10 texts to other networks that never expire*.

You still have to register though, text IMMORTAL10 to 8888. There's a minor catch as well, you'd have to maintain a P1 balance. Chekc details here.

*Subject to SIM validity.
*Promo period from August 30 - October 30, 2009. Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 4462, Series of 2009.

Surf All Day (For Mobile Social Networks)

For P20, one can surf different social networking sites the while day with the Surf All Day plan. Get unlimited access to Friendster, Facebook, Wikipedia, Plurk!,

Upon going to the following sites:
* Friendster:
* Facebook:
* Plurk:
* Wikipedia:

User will be directed to a page where you will be given the option to choose between the regular browsing rate of P0.15 per kb or P5 for 15 minutes or the Globe Surf All Day Plan. To choose the latter, simply click on the Surf All Day P20 link to register and wait for the SMS confirmation of your subscription. Check details here.

** I wonder why there's no links for Twitter and Multiply though; perhaps in the near future.

Youniverse Mashboard
One could visit the mashboard-looking Globe website at This is where information about all the abovementuoned services can be found as well. It looks to target netizens and social network addicts over its mashboard interface.

However, as its waiver says, it's still in its alpha version, hence not all features are functioning as I've observed the 'Youniverse' to be rather too slow even for my broadband connection. It surely has a lot of room to improve upon, function-wise.

Above is the TVC of the Globe Youniverse and Immortal TXT campaign recently launched on national television. Good for them, the two naked bodies kissing passed the censorship for public TV broadcast. :)

The Dare

And finally, the 'dare'. Globe organizers dared teh crowd to get a real tatoo on the spot and get a chance to take home an HP Mini laptop.

I surely badly needed one but my kelloid-prone skin certainly can't have one. Anyhow, I'll just get that HP mini through other means besides a Globe Tatoo Youniverse gathering :)

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