Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Multiply Chat Surprises Netizens

Social Networking Multiply got its users a surprise earlier in the day when they were greeted by a small chat function bar at the lower right side of their account screen.

The Multiply Chat serves to enable users to talk or chat with other multiply contacts in real-time.

Versus Facebook?

Others view this new technology as a desperate attempt by Multiply to recover its lost audience from Facebook. Facebook's recent uptake in number of members caused other social network giants to suffer. There was a shift of users not only from Multiply but also from Friendster.

For Business Contacts

In the Philippines, where became a semi e-commerce phenomena, the chat function would be a great help in enabling the online merchants to sell their products more effeciently.

If you have an online store, your customers would be too happy to be able to chat/talk with you in real time and ask their questions directly from the seller.

Turning It Off (Disable)

Some multiply users observed a slow down in the day's system attributing it to the new chat function. This is however unverified.

Nonetheless, if you deem the function to be of not much use to you and you want to disable it, just follow these steps:

Quick & Graphical:

  1. Click on the 'antennae' icon on the lower right side of the function bar.
  2. Select the 'down arrow' (v) beside your account name and a list of options would appear.
  3. Select "Sign of Chat"
Through Your Account:
  1. Go to your "my account" on the upper right corner of your page.
  2. Choose "My Account Info"
  3. On the bottom part of the page or screen, check the checkbox saying "Disable the Multiply chat bar".
...and viola, you are back to normal. To enable it, do the reverse.

Personally I like this new chat bar feature. It enables you to chat with your Multiply friends in real-time without having to use other messaging tools.

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