Monday, June 21, 2010

Globe Greenbelt Service Center Reopens As Flagship Store

Globe Greenbelt Service Center went under renovation a few months ago and reopened recently with new interior design and layout representing Globe service center's flagship store.

With a new interior design and layout, the new Globe Greenbelt Service Center is the first to take on Globe Service Center's new look which will soon be implemented in other Globe service centers.

The curvilinear layout intends to make customer experience more fluid and comfortable. The design consists of an outer core and an inner core. Entering the store would first greet you with an array of handset models from different featured brands any customer can try and have a first hand experience with.

It is further divided into different sections such as the Home Life highlighting home-based technologies, products and services such as Wi-Fi and Wimax on the leftmost side, followed by the Mobile Life which focuses on available mobile plans and hand-held phones at the center, and Business Life on the rightmost. iPhone 3GS has its own dedicated shelf, having exclusive tie-up with Globe in the Philippines.
In front of these sections, on display are the latest and upcoming mobile phones and gadgets in the market while the center aisle is the powerhouse. At the time of our visit, it was the iPad which lay on the pedestal surrounded by upcoming Samsung phone - Galaxy S. Large interactive personal touch screen monitors are also incorporated in the displays for an interactive self-help browsing of phone models.
Conveniently behind these semi-circular enclosure is the actual service center which assist customers with their problems and concerns. On the rightmost is the Express Service which handles the account information,  phone set-up, bill inquiry, and service inclusion, removal, and reconnection.

A Self-Service section equipped with personal computers is also available for those on a hurry and can assist themselves.

The Customer Service section handles all the other cases with a more focused service assistance. A Globe executive said during the launch that they are more than customer service represntatives or assitants - they are solution consultants as well who focus on servicing the customer and satisfying their needs. This is something Globe subscribers, can put to test as the new branch opens.

Aesthetically, I love the new design and layout separating the saleable section from the support. I have also observed the thematic use of blue and pink taking hints from the 'used-to-be' MMDA blue-pink motif. But of course, Globe's is classier and funkier at the same time.

The only problem I forsee is that when there are more customer who needs servicing than the space could handle. Since the customer service section is located at the back and limited by the walls of the Home-Mobile-Business Life sections. I could imagine the crowd and the long queues. But then again, it's a problem of all telco service centers. :) Perhaps the customer/express service sections could have their own glass door entrance on the side, eventually.

Congratulations to Globe for their new flagship service center with a modern and chic design and layout.

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