Monday, June 28, 2010

High Tech Meets Classics

The recent “Meet a Classic” event showcasing PLDT SME Nation business solutions and MINI Coopers to SMEs focused on classicism, performance and speed even from small high-technology packages.

Held in the 450-sqm area MINI Cooper showroom in Taguig, it brought together SMEs (small-and-medium entrepreneurs) from the GMM South-West, classic and new models of Mini Coopers, and high-tech gadgets from PLDT SME Nation, for a relaxing gathering and great time.

From left: PLDT Product Manager Gilbert Eleria, PLDT SME Nation’s Community Consultancy Head Gabby Cui, Area Sales Head Tony Radovan, Area Sale Head Jecyn Chua-Teng, Daniel Abelarde, PLDT Senior Vice President Eric R. Alberto, Community Consultant Ron Jaworski, PLDT SME Nation Vice President and Head Kat Luna-Abelarde, and Business Head Carla Tabuena.
PLDT SME Nation offers solutions that are in sync with the modern lifestyles of SMEs today [like] bundling fast Internet connectivity with Apple Macs of the PLDT MyDSL Biz...In this gathering, we combine the thrills of high-speed, advanced technology and classic, high-performance automobiles,” adds PLDT SME Nation Vice President and Head Kat Luna-Abelarde.
Among the guests were, an exclusive club of MINI Cooper owners, who displayed their own MINI Coopers during the night.

With the backdrop of flowing cocktails, The PLDT MyDSL Biz offered SMEs high-speed Internet access through different packages and levels from starting-up businesses to the more established ones. These were matched with the Small Biz Lite packages of 3.5Mbps to the Powerpack C packages of 8Mbps.

Moreover, it is now packaged with Apple Macbooks and iMacs and comes bundled with the PLDT BizBox, an all-in-one modem and Wi-Fi router.

 More Photos from "Meet The Classics"

Another star of the night was the remote monitoring and tracking service that bundles a high-tech navigation software with GPS-enabled pocket-sized device - the PLDT FASTrack. The service enables SMEs to track and monitor field agents or assets and goods on the move.

This service is most relevant for businesses engaging in the retail, delivery, and similar industries that deals with shipments and agent efficiency. On another hand, it can also be used by MINI Cooper owners to secure their cars against theft.

Laptops were also raffled off to lucky guests. Awarding the lucky winners were (from left) PLDT SME Nation Community Consultancy Head Gabby Cui, PLDT SME Nation Business Head Carla Tabuena, one of the lucky winners of the HP netbook, Pansit Malabon Express's Gardy Cruz, and PLDT SME Nation’s Area Sales Head Jecyn Chua-Teng, and Tony Radovan.

For more information on PLDT SME Nation and their products, you may call 101-888 or visit

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