Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Ultimate Cyber-Experience in SM Cyberzone Summerfest

SM Cyberzone has always been my destination of choice when it comes to looking for the latest gadgets.

As an IT professional and blogger, I always keep myself updated on the latest gizmos and shopping around SM Cyberzone has already become a habit.

Late last month, I went to SM Megamall's SM Cyberzone Summerfest event near the foodcourt and the experience was awesome. More than just a place for tech gadget shopping, it became a hub for techy interaction and game playing. I heard this was the last leg as they held prior events in other SM malls around the country in the past few weeks.

Visiting the booths and playing the activities around SM Cyberzone Summer Fest event truly leveled-up.

Starting from the easy registration, I was met with the 'Gaming Station' where visitors can play Wii Bowling and Tennis - for free!

That is aside from the fact that you'll be doing that with a big-screen flat TV!

Wii Play
Immediately beside it is the Torque mobile phone station where different Torque models are displayed. One of which is the Torque DQ500 which is a dual-sim with full querty keyboard! Some models even had WiFI, 3G, a TV Tuner, and 256MB internal storage!

At the center of the arena is the Samsung 2-View Camera Station where a big mock-up Samsung 2-View camera was also on display.

This is one of the most awesome latest gadgets nowadays because you can see yourself being photographed even if you are in front of the camera because of its second LED display in front, hence '2-view'.

Following these stations is the Gadget Showcase booth where Epson Printers printers and MSI laptops are on display. This is where you can view, edit, and print your photos - again, for free!

In case you don't have a picture yet, jump to the next booth which is the Photo Souvenir Booth where you can get a photograph care of Cyberzone Summer Festival's friendly staff and go back to the Photo Souvenire booth to have them printed.

There were so many people during the event such that there were also
people from the second floor overlooking the Cyberzone Summerfest.

There is also a pick-a-prize station for those who participated in the Booth-Stamp activity where participants
can have their cards stamped in every booth they visit. After getting the required number of stamps,
 they get a chance to pick a prize from a bowl. I got a online gaming poster!

When you had enough enjoyment from all the booths, you and your children can participate in the available art workshops focusing on science discovery activities and the DJ workshop where you can learn to be a DJ.

Are you a performer? You can also play the rock band interactive gaming station with musical instruments such as drums and the guitar. It's like having your own public concert in a mall complete with audience and spectators. :)

And of course, the superstar blogger in me will not let this opportunity pass so got on the guitar myself and experienced firsthand the spirit of Cyberzone Summerfest.
The youth were not the only audience of the summerfest but even the family as a whole

And the last, but not the least, awesome activity booth is the Music Mayhem Booth. this is where you can mix and match different music DJ style.

By good fortune, there was an exhibition by a professional DJ when I came there and he played a number of hit songs using the high-tech equipment such as electronic percussion and music mixers. This was actually what attracted the most audience because of the undeniable public attraction of good music and performance.

Being held in the new events stage area of SM Megamall, I went to the upper floor and got some awesome aerial shots.
The crowd looking over the DJ playing some music and drums

From above,  I captured the top view of the event to show how much people were enjoying each of their own experience of what the SM Cyberxone Summerfest got to offer.

And with that, I would like to share to you a bit of the actual experience with this video:

I hope there would be more Cyberzone events like these.

How about an SM Cyberzone Rainyday Festival? :)

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