Monday, June 28, 2010

Samsung 2View Adds 2 More Models

Samsung adds two new models for their line of 2View cameras with PL151 and PL101 for the Philippine market.

With Samsung’s dual screen LCD technology, the PL151 and PL101 offer a variety of updated features which makes it even easier for consumers to capture photos with family and friends, both from behind and in front of the camera.

Updated Front LCD Screen

Aside from using the 1.5-inch color front LCD screen feature for self-portraits, the new Samsung 2View PL151 and PL101 can now be used to frame videos as well. Enjoy 720p HD video recording at 30 frames per second (fps).

Enhanced Features

An optional HDMI adaptor is now available for the PL151. Moreover, a self-timer was added and the Children Mode with music was updated.

"In addition to playing a fun animation on the front LCD screen, the PL151’s and PL101’s Child Mode will also play a musical tune to better help capture a child’s attention in order to snap the perfect picture."
*additional animations are available for download at

With regards to the self-timer, the new PL151 and PL101 digital cameras extend that same functionality when recording video such that an entire group will know exactly when the camera is filming.

Couple Shot feature

I find the  Couple Shot feature endearing. While the Samsung 2View PL151 and PL101 still include the popular Smile Shot feature, the addition of Couple Shot allows users to set the camera to snap a picture when the subjects in the frame tilt their heads toward one another. How sweet! :) 

Other awesome features include true colour-filtered 12.x mega-pixel resolution, large displays, advanced optics and crystalline-appearance stylish design.

The PL151 and PL101 also feature Samsung’s Perfect Portrait System – a series of automatic technologies which take the guess work out of shooting beautiful portraits. Key features of this system are Samsung’s Smile Shot, Blink Detection, Red-eye Fix, and Beauty Shot technologies which allow consumers to capture their subjects looking their best.

In summary, if you are a 'fun' photography enthusiast who enjoy 'picturing' themselves in the fun, then Samsung 2View cameras are for you. Gadgets PL151 and PL101 levels-up the ante.

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