Friday, June 11, 2010

Samsung Delivers First Full HD 3D LED TV

A few weeks ago, Samsung begun rolling out its 3D LED and LCD TVs in its AV Roadshow 2010.

Samsung is the first company to make Full HD 3D LED TVs available to consumers in the Philippines as they announced that the first models of its Full HD 3D entertainment products will be gradually introduced to consumers in the country which started last month.

Aside from the 3D LED TV’s, 3D LCD TV and a Blu-ray Player are also included as it delivered the news at the company’s Regional Forum in Singapore.
The success of recent 3D movie titles is building anticipation on people who want to enjoy the richness of 3D content from the comfort of their own living rooms,” said Jay Ha, Consumer Electronics Business Advisor, SEPCO.
Total Solution for Samsung Full HD 3D

Proprietary 3D glasses were also developed. The LED C7000 and BD-C6900 was rolled out last month, while all other Samsung 3D products (LED C9000, LED C8000, LCD C750, HT-C6950W) will be launched within the second quarter of the year.
 The 3D Glasses


Samsung also added new content providers to Internet@TV as they support new content and applications. All 3D models feature built-in Ethernet connection, wireless-ready capabilities, and Internet@TV, which provides access to the world’s first HDTV-based application store Samsung Apps.
 The Hand-held Remote Control for the Internet@TV

The new content providers to the Samsung Apps store included sites Facebook and Twitter; Google’s Picasa web album; online gaming service Playjam; and the History Channel.

Samsung’s 3D products all include Samsung’s unique and proprietary built-in 3D processor/emitter that is optimized for multiple 3D standards and the Blu-ray Disc Association approved “Blu-ray 3D” standard. The technology also includes an auto-conversion technology in its 3D processor that renders 2D content into 3D in real time.

Imagine that, no need to go to 3D movie theaters for that awesome 3D experience. With a full HD 3D LED TV like the LED C7000, you just need a LazyBoy chair. :)

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