Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Digtial Manila's 2009 Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs

Digtial Manila's 2009 Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs are... (drumroll...)

In alphabetical order..

Who could resist Adaphobic?

Cebu Bloggers
A group blog by Cebu bloggers. With a Cebuano's zest, this site and their group is truly an emerging force in the blogosphere.

Good Times Manila
Good Times Manila is one of the few blogs which I knew about through this writing project.

It earned its well-deserved spot.

Let's Go Sago! and Digital Manila has a special relationship -- they are owned by one and the same. :) And for that reason alone, this cannot go without. (what?) :)

Seriously now, is a travel and food blog in one. It also has a cute monkey character-mascot going by the name of "Sago", and hence, "Let's Go Sago!". Sago travels with the blogger and is omnipresent in almost all the travel and food photos. Sago is also a self-confessed cam-whore. :)

Even if isn't mine, I'd still vote for it; and so do you! hahaha....ok now, pleeeeeeease. :)

Style and Relax
I'm not really much into girl's fashion (if you know what I mean) :) . But Lace earned this vote for the consistency of her blogs and how she never fails to update her readers about fashion, whether she is in the Philippines or abroad.

Patay Gutom
One of the most controversial blogs of the year, I should say. :) The domain name alone is enough to make it influential.

Need I say more? :)

Pinoy Cravings
Warning: When you check out this blog, you will get hungry.

Albeit you have just eaten, you would want to eat again. The photos are fantastically appealing it is dangerous for people on a diet. Doctors should prescribe viewing of this blog for patients having problems with loss of appetite. :)

Teacher Ria
A teacher at heart, Ria expresses her views and expertise through this new and wonderful blog. Nothing explosive or ultra-hyper, but her writing style would make you feel its sincerity and warmth.

Thirsty Blogger
If I'm not mistaken, this is the youngest blog in this list. However new, the Thirsty blogger hit a great, and often neglected food blogger sub-niche,-the drinks.

I believe in the blog's big potential in both the near and far future.

Video Chops
Coy Caballes made it again. If you were captured by his before, you would surely love this fast-food serving of his videos and collections; chops of videos indeed.

I'm listing here the other blogs I hoped I was able to include in my list. I wrote them here nonetheless, in case you are looking at blogs to complete your list and you don't completely agree with my list above, feel free to pick from these equally awesome blogs below. :)

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By the way, vote now! Tomorrow (July 30) is the last day of voting for the 2009 Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs.

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