Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Digital Manila is Half A Year Old!

The year 2009 is half-year through, and so is Digital Manila!

Cheers to all the subscribers, readers, Google followers, lurkers, and friends. Thank you for all your support for our published articles and blogs.

The Half-year That Was

It is of great honor, that albeit Digital Manila is only half a year old and still using a default template :) , it has already gained a small number of following. Within this limited amount of time, it was also able to attain a Google Pagerank 4 ; hand-in-hand with

It was also fortunate to chalk up a few vote of confidence as well from some fellow bloggers as a nominee in this year’s Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009 organized by Philippine Internet advocate Ms. Janette Toral.

I'd like to take this opportunity as well to thank Pinoy Parazzi and The Sweet Life of QTV. The former for entrusting Digital Manila a participating section in their paper's 'Blogster' column. It's our first stint writing for print and in Tagalog at that! The latter for featuring this blog in their television show. Moreover, to institutions we have worked together with such as Smart's Sandbox, Globe One Youth Project (from where the photo came from), Geiser Maclang,, and Campaigns Public Relations, Inc.

My gratitude extends to you again, for accepting the mix-magazine-type of features and articles in this blog covering Events, Technology, Gadgets, Movie Reviews, Advocacies, and more. In summary, it covers "a wide array of happenings in and about the metro; from Manila hip events to whatever is new and fascinating".

The Contest

And finally, in return, we will be giving away some prizes to our blog readers for all the three Saturdays of this month starting on July 11 as part of its month-long celebration.

For the first Saturday - July 11, 2009, we'll be giving away a Piolo Pascual original CD album entitled "Timeless Piolo Pascual." Although this is the Centrum Complete album pack version, it is complete with all of Piolo's 15 songs plus a bonus track.

The mechanics to join are simple:

1.) Simply comment in ANY of the post in this blog unitl 9pm of July 11, 2009.
Send an email to saying you want to join the Piolo Pacual CD Contest and indicate the NAME you used in commenting. Make sure the email you place in the comment is the same email you will use in sending these info. :)
3.) Participants should have a valid Philippine address where the item will be couriered.

The person with the most number of 'relevant' comments from now until 9pm of July 11, 2009 wins the CD. The winner will be announced through a post on July 12, 2009. "Relevent" means that the comment is related to the article post and has sense. In other words, not a 'spam.' :)

Watch out for the announcement of the two other contests for July 18 & 25, it will be announced on July 13, and 20, respectively.

Contest Plus Plus

Ok, so you can't wait for the abovementioned July 11 contest. Let's give you something faster. Join Blog4Reviews through this link and get the chance to win two IMAX Mall of Asia tickets.

Winner will be selected via raffle using All particpants joining until 07/07 (July 7, 2009) will automatically be joined including those I have personally asked to join (and did join) weeks before. Winner will be announced on July 8, 2009.


Again thank you for supporting . Please continue to do so as we strive to publish more quality blogs...but cut me some slack for publishing some trivial ones from time to time for traffic and hits' sake! Haha!

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