Tuesday, July 14, 2009

'Kada Kwento: Your Unusual Common BarKada Kwento (Stories)

'Kada Kwento is the story of a barkada. The daily chats, the common pats. It's a story of friendship. 'Kada Kwento is a series of short films produced by Pelicola.tv Internet Television and Globe. It is a collection of stories about seven individuals that make up a barkada.

In each film, we see interesting turns of friendship that each one shares. The whole series revolves around unique personalities.

There's an optimistic yet frustrated traveler, two constantly bickering best friends, a passionate musician who introduces a soft-spoken singer to the barkada, and a slightly socially-awkward bookworm.
Key among these individuals is an aspiring young writer named Luis, who also ties the whole series together. Step into his writing as the stories are told in his words.

With a scheduled release of one episode per week which started June 24, the five-episode series will only be released online - highlighting Pelicola.tv and Globe's focus on creating gourmet content for new media.

It is the story of friendship. Five stories, five films, one barkada. That is 'Kada Kwento.

'Installment' 2: PICK

Pol (Nicco Manalo) and Penny (Via Antonio) are best friends with contrasting personalities.

The more level-headed Pol and the headstrong Penny submit themselves to constant friendly bickering that are resolved by a simple game of “Bato-Bato-Pick”. It is their differences that give their relationship such a strong foundation which result in an understanding all their own. Like constantly clashing children, they always emerge with one winner and loser but always still best of friends.

See more 'Kada Kwento videos from Globe at www.globe.com.ph/kadakwento

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