Friday, December 4, 2009

7-Eleven PanaLotto Top Prize is P500,000!

In 7-Eleven's PanaLotto, even small purchases can help you win big! Save your receipts and have a chance to win in Panalo'tto promo from 7-11.

It seems that I'd be frequently buying my favorite P30 siopao asado from 7-11 again :) . And this time, I have to buy two, because with my every 50-peso purchase, it entitles me to a lotto entry I can match or combine to win up to Php7 million worth of prizes! The lotto ticket also entitles customers to freebies or discounts indicated on the printout, it's that easy.

Moreover, they’ve pledged to donate a sum of money to ABS-CBN Foundation Inc. for every top prize winner. Winning combinations will be announced every Wednesday, which will be posted in all 7-Eleven stores and at

Match the number combination announced in stores and online to win. Three out of five numbers nets Php5,000, while four out of five clinches a cool Php10,000. The lucky customer who manages five out of five will walk home richer by Php500,000. Oh my, that's half a million peso!
Get an extra 7-Eleven lotto ticket with every P50 purchase of the following:
- Slurpee Paper Cup 32oz (946mL)
- Big Gulp Cup 32oz (946mL)
- Del Monte Fit N Right Apple 330ml Pet
- Del Monte Fit N Right Pineapple 330ml Pet
- Del Monte Fit N Right Four Seasons 330ml Pet
- Del Monte Fit N Right Pine Orange 330ml Pet
- Del Monte Fit n Right Watermelon 330ml Pet
- Del Monte Fit n Right Grapefruit 330ml Pet
- Del Monte Fit N Right Blueberry Grape 330ml Pet
- Fruitini Orange Carrot+Mixed Fruits Juice Drink 180ml
- Fruitini Broccoli + Mixed Fruits Juice Drink 180ml
- Fruitini Purple Carrot +Mixed Fruits Juice Drink 180ml
- Tropicana Twister Juicy Pulp 1L
- Tropicana Twister Orange PET 1 Liter
- Lipton Iced Tea Lemon 1.5L Pet
- Lipton Red Tea 1.5L Pet
- Pepsi Max PET 1.5 Liter
- Mt. Dew Pet 1.5L
- Gatorade Tropical Fruit 1.5L Pet
- Gatorade Blue Bolt 1.5L Pet
- Selecta Creations Double Dutch 800ml
- Selecta Creations Strawberries N Cream 800ml
- Selecta Creations Very Rocky Road 800ml
- Selecta Creations Cookies n Cream 800ml
- Selecta Creations Quezo Real 800ml
- Selecta Cornetto Coffee Caramel 100ml
- Selecta Gold Hazelnut Brownie 465ml
- Selecta Gold Series Vanilla Almond 465ml
- Selecta Coffee Honeycomb 750ml
- Selecta 3in1+1 Ube Keso Choco Pastillas 1.6L
- San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen Bottle 320ml
- San Mig Light Bottle 330ml
- Red Horse Stallion 330ml
- GSM Blue 700ml
- Gran Matador Brandy 700ml
- San Mig Cafe 3 in 1 Original 14g
- Magnolia Fresh Milk 250ml
- Lifedrink 4 Seasons 355mL
- Lifedrink Papaya 355mL
- Magnolia Fruitdrink Grape 355mL

Go for the win and have fun by collecting receipts and buying your favorite products at any 7-Eleven branch store this holiday season. I can't wait to join 7-Eleven's PanaLotto! I hope I win. :)

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