Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Samsung ST1000 Digital Camera - Gift Idea for the Internet-Savvy:

The Filipino Christmas tradition is never without parties. And with parties, comes the countless photo shoots among families, friends and loved ones. This is where Samsung digital cameras come in as fitting gift for the holidays.

But more than that, have you heard of a digital camera with Wifi, Bluetooth and Geo-tagging capabilities? Yes, Samsung came up with the world's first commercial digital camera equipped with these technologies - Samsung ST1000.
Link up to your other Bluetooth-enabled devices like your cellphone or play a quick slide show on your flat screen TV. Samsung ST1000 means that at any time, from any place, you can update everyone in your network as long as you are in a Wifi network.

Moreover, to make sure you never forget those special memories, it has GPS technology which can help you track where you’ve been and when.

ST1000 also boasts of the world's highest resolution backlit display with 1,152 pixels. Capturing video is also a breeze with 720p HD quality video at 30 frames per second and a H.264 recording time 4x longer than MJPEG video.
Click Here for more photos.

The Samsung ST1000 is retails a few thousands more than the Samsung ST550 at about Php24,990 nationwide.

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