Tuesday, December 29, 2009

You Know You Are A Filipino When...

Allow me to share this WhenInManila.com video on the "Top 10 Ways to know you’re Filipino / from the Philippines." I first saw it in the recent Pinoy Expats-OFW Blog Awards.

Here is the video from When In Manila:

And the top 10 are:

10. You reuse gift wrappers the next time
9. Your luggage is a “Balikbayan” box (huge shipping boxes)
8. You wrap everything in plastic!
7. You eat duck embryo or Balut
6. You understand Pn0i Txt msgs Ktnxbye
5. You react whenever you hear… "Psssst"
4. The letters F and P are the same
3. Your nickname is a repetition (Jenjen, Katkat, Tonton etc)
2. You point with your lips
1. You just wanna sing some Kareoke
So prom how on, u cn col me "Jonjon", k? :)

Check here for PEBA 2009 Results.

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