Sunday, December 13, 2009

Join Abenson's Paskong Pinoy Online Promo & Win A Samsung Mobile Phone

During this time of the year, we create fancy wishlists to somehow idealize what we want for Christmas. How about making them come true? Abenson is hosting a Paskong Pinoy Online Promo*. Join now and have the chance to win a Samsung Mobile Phone from today until Dec 22, 2009!


1. Log on to and check out the Christmas Packages page and answer this question:

Sa lahat ng Christmas Promo Package ano ang Swak na Swak sa Paskong Pinoy at Bakit?
(Of all the Christmas Promo Packages, which one is most fitting for 'Paskong pinoy' and why)
2. Post your answers here in the comment section. Each of your comment should include a link to Abenson’s Facebook Page – Abenson Paskong Pinoy.

Place this link in your comment :

You might want to become a friend too. :)

3. You could post a maximum of 3 comments within the duration of the contest. However, you could only post 1 comment per day.

4. Last day of posting in the comment section is 11:59pm of December 22, 2009

5. I'll be having two guest judges with me to select one winner based on his/her quality of answer as to why he/she chose that package.

6. Announcement of winner in this blog will be posted in the evening of December 23, 2009

7. Winner of the Abenson Paskong Pinoy promo will get to win a Samsung Mobile Phone! (model to be confirmed soon & updated in this blog).

*For Philippine Residents only

These are the times when I want to participate in my own contests; if only I could. :)

So Digital Manila readers, join now and win that surprise Samsung Mobile Phone from Abenson's Paskong Pinoy Online Promo!

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