Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Friendster Goes Green on Dec 4

The new Friendster has finally revealed its new look and user interface in advance to the online community via a soft launch last night at Greenbelt 3 in Makati City, Philippines perhaps chose the Philippines for being the recognized new social networking capital of the world.

The Green Day

Rolling out mid-day of Decemeber 4, 2009 (GMT +8) worldwide, the new mainly takes on a green and white color theme in contrast to its closest rival's blue and white theme. The Friendster logo with a tilted regular smiley face also gets a rehash into something more flowing. The whole word 'friendster' is also now part of the official logo printed in script-like font
The new Friendster promises more games and interaction as it introduces new features around the concept of 'fun' and 'simplicity'. It also intends to focus and leverage on it's local advantage in terms of knowledge, exposure, and content.

Moreover, it is retaining one of its key features which initially brought in cyberspace's spotlight with it's customizable profile page. In fact, if you are not so much of a 'green' person, you can change the color scheme into blue or customize it to another color.

Friendster Wallet

Furthermore, the new website introduces the concept of Friendster Wallet with Friendster Coins and Friendster Chips. We'll have a separate blog entry discussing these in details. But for now, think of it as your online money with which you could purchase more advanced gaming weapons in addition to the free basic ones. You could also reload the wallet with a pre-paid reloading card.

Here are some photos of how the New Friendster looks like:

Care for some Friendster doughnuts from Krispy Kreme?

Ben Dunn, VP Philippines and Global Head of Brand Experirence, led the New Friendster layout and user interface presentation. Watch out for the release of our podcast interview with Ben Dunn as he answers the questions shot by the Pinoy Popcast group. Carlo Ople and Homer Nievera were also part of the Freindster Philippines team present.

Check out the new Friendster look as it goes green on December 4, 2009.

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